Other Ministry Conferences and Seminars

From time to time we will bring to your attention conferences and seminars from other ministries that we feel will be helpful to further the Kingdom of God in health care.

Ellel Ministries International

We have greatly appreciated our association with Peter and Fiona Horrobin and Ellel Ministries in the last few years. We recommend their conferences and seminars both here in Australia and in other Ellel centres around the world. You can find information about their upcoming events in their diary.


Just a few highlights this year for Ellel in Australia

Alistair Petrie - Unmasking Deception, 2 May 2012, Ellel Ministries Australia Gilbulla Sydney



 Alistair Petrie - Authentic Revival, 4 - 6 May 2012,  Ellel Ministries Australia Gilbulla Sydney 

 , http://www.ellelministries.org/aus/courses/ellel-ministries-australia-gilbulla-sydney/alistair-petrie-authentic-revival

Peter & Fiona Horrobin - Healing for the Deeply Broken, 14 May 2012, Ellel Ministries Australia Springhill Perth


Peter & Fiona Horrobin - Healing for the Human Spirit, 19 May 2012, Ellel Ministries Australia Gilbulla Sydney 


Peter & Fiona Horrobin - Challenges & Insights, 20 May 2012, Ellel Ministries Australia Gilbulla Sydney



2 Seminars with Dr Ed Smith, Vision Christian Fellowship, Fyshwick, ACT Australia 

Introduction to Theophostic Prayer Ministry, 12-13 March 2012

Dealing With Difficult Cases, 15-16 March 2012